Frequently Asked Questions

What’s MorBetter?
We strive to make everyday things more better. By improving usability, quality and reduce the environmental footprint of production. Most items can me modified upon request.
How is it made?
Most items are 3D printed. The silicone/epoxy items are hand casted into 3D printed molds. Wood, glass and metal items are made using traditional craftsmanship skills. All items offered are mostly handmade. Some components are sourced from manufacturers.
What’s it made of?
For 3D printing the type of filament used will vary according to the use intended for the item. We also offer items in wood, glass, metal and resin. All items will have the type of material and method of production listed in the description.
Most items can be modified to fit your request. Please notify us prior to purchasing to confirm modification. Minor customization are free. Complex re-designs will require a fee according to the extent of the re-design. Notification of any applicable fee will be provided for authorization from buyer.
Can you MorBetter for me?
If you have an item that you would like improved let us know. We will evaluate it to determine the possibilities.
Do you offer bulk/volume purchase?
Yes, we offer bulk/volume purchase pricing. Let us know what items, quantities and frequency. Please include your ideal pricing for the items selected. We will strive to accommodate your request.
Do you offer gift cards?
Yes, we offer digital gift cards at; valid and downloadable instantly.
Don't see the answer you're seeking?Let us know and we will respond promptly. Please contact us at , thank you