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VAPE STAND - Stiiizy Station (3D PRINTED)

VAPE STAND - Stiiizy Station (3D PRINTED)

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VAPE STAND Stiiizy Station - do you know where your Stiiizy's are at? tired of always searching for them! don't know what pods are which? Then if you really like your Stiiizys get a Stiiizy Station - Rasta Love Colors. It can hold up to 2 batteries, even a Biiig Stiiizy and up to 6 pods. Each pod section can be arranged in the order of your choice. Let us know the name / message that you would like on your Stiiizy Station.

ATTN: Please keep in mind the there is only room for 10 characters total, including spaces. Made of corn based biodegradable plastic.

NOTICE: Vape devices, pods not included


3D Printed


1.40"W x 1.30"D x 1.50"H


Filament - PLA

FINISH Treatment



USB Micro, USB-C Cables

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